[👍] How to remove unwanted characters from a URL 2023

Table of Content
I. Issue Details
II. Some of the URL examples having unwanted chars in URL
III. How to fix it ?
– Step 1
– Step 2

URL is very important when you want your website to get ranked on Google, and if that is not proper, it will affect the ranking and user traffic on your page or website.

Few points in which URL is really plays important role those are as follows:

  1. Ranking ( Crawl Engines )
  2. SEO Friendly – ( Easy to Remember by Humans and Crawl Engines )

I. Issue Details

What happens if your URL contains some unwanted characters, like %D0%B5? It will be very difficult to read by humans as they are no longer user-friendly, and the same is true with Google (and other crawl engines) as well, and it will ultimately affect your ranking even when your content is good because what you see on Google is the URL, not your website, which must be user-friendly, right?

II. Some of the URL examples having unwanted chars in URL

(they will work but not good for search engine crawlers):





We hope you can see the characters are now there in the URL and look really wearied. So, now what are the possible cases because of which it is looking like that?

It is due to the language you have selected, like if you choose Chinese for your website and use the same character in the URL, it will encode it. Check out the screenshot below (it is not Chinese, but you can understand):

So, the above one is easy to identify, and you can fix that as well, but it becomes difficult when some times both languages are the same in appearance, but when you paste due to a very minute difference, it only appears, and some times it is very hard to identify the same.

III. How to fix it ?

Now, the question for which we have actually written this article is how to solve it if we face any such issue.

Step 1: You have to fix your keyboard’s charset. You can get the help of your hardware engineer and get it checked for verification purposes.

Step 2: You have to rewrite the url again, and you have to copy and paste the url from the browser to the document to cross-check if characters are still coming.

Conclusion: It is the issue of charset only, which we have used using a keyboard or any software, so please make sure it is correct and supports your requirement.

IT MAY ALSO OCCURS WHEN YOU SYSTEM/Browser is infected with VIRUS/Malware

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