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TINLY: Best URL Shortener to Shorten Your Links

URL shorteners have become an essential component in the Digital Era due to improved user experience and more insightful Analytics. In order to better organize their links, it is a crucial tool for businesses as well as bloggers. Long URLs seem unprofessional, especially on social media. URL shorteners offer a neat substitute. This list of the Top 10 URL shorteners for 2024 can be used to improve features and functionalities. This will enable you to create an interface that is user-friendly.

What is URLs Shortener ?

URls shortener means link shortener that make your link more memorable and easy to recall and share you link with others and these short and branded link make trust between your users. Also make high drive clicks.

1. Bitly: Assists in creating unique, Branded URLs and, thanks to its strong features, shortens URLs. You can rely on bitly because of its extensive tracking capabilities. You can select from a variety of plans based on your needs and level of integration.

Plans: it provides you free and paid plans include

NOTE: No Payout plan available also, costly then below services.

Core$0/month2 QR Codes/month10 links/month1 landing page
Growth$8/month(annual charge of $96) 5 QR Codes/month100 links/month1 landing page
Premium$199/month(annual charge of $2,388, 200QR Codes/month3,000 links/month5 landing pages

Benefits: Best for Bloggers and detailed analytics. Provides full Security and Trust.

2. Rebrandly: It is industry leading solution that, designed for individuals who prioritize maintaining brand consistency and integrating with other marketing tools. It is most favorite tool among professional. You can shortner your URLs with copy your main link and paste it on designed field.

Plans: It works free with if you use their advanced features you can go for their plans monthly and annually.

Essential $8/mo,
Professional $22/mo
Premium $365/mo.

Benefits for; Best for Bloggers, Comprehensive Link Management, Tracking and analytics.

3. it is tools for those who want shortner link free of cost. You can get unlimited access without any cost making it accessible to everyone. Because of the tool’s ease of use, users can track their performance efficiently while sharing content and use link shortening without any difficulties. The best feature of this tool is that you do not need to log in or register to use it.

Benefits: Best Bloggers, it helps in enhanced Shareability, Improved Aesthetics, space saving, and Tracking and analytics without any charges.

Pay our Rates: Package Description / Country Earnings per 1500 Views

Payout rates

United States US$30
Brazil BR$24
United Kingdom UK$18
Vietnam VN$10
Austrália AU$10
Rest Worldwide$8

4. T2mio: Provides links that never expire, which is very advantageous for lengthy projects. Make memorable, dynamic QR codes and short links with your brand for effortless sharing. Custom domains, robust analytics, and user-friendly URL shorteners can all lead to more clicks, increased brand awareness, and performance tracking.

Plans: you can use free but for professional purpose you should go for their


According to your choice and Need.

Benefits include: mobile targeting, URL cloaking, and compliant data hosting in the selected AWS region.Take advantage of full customization, high availability, and scalability.

5. Shortio: Essential for work process that helps businesses engage a new audience and increase brand recognition. You can Track the success of every short link and domain with detailed insights. It

Binds internal operations to the integrations to automate manual processes.

Plans. You can start for 7 Days free Trails but if you can unlock their advanced features you can choose their


Benefits:  Individuals Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers, Safe payment and Reliable customers Supports.

6. all interactions between teams, campaigns, and products can be unified. Their role link management platform has unparalleled security, supports numerous users and roles, and integrates with other tools to satisfy the strictest, most regulated industry’s compliance requirements.

Plans: start with free and get into depth go for paid plans that for,


Benefits: Creating short links is just one aspect of link management. Extremely useful for live advertisements or QR codes that are active longer than your present marketing team.

7. 10short is a fully free tool that allows you to make short links. In addition to being free, you get paid! As a result, you can now manage and secure your links and earn money from home.

Payout rates

United States US$15.0
Brazil BR$14.0
United Kingdom UK$13.0
Vietnam VN$9.5
Austrália AU$8.0
Worldwide Deal(All Countries)ALL$4.5

Benefits- Earn money for clicks, good for monetizing links.

8. ClicksFly: ClicksFly is a Highest Paying URL Shortener & free tool where you can create short links, shortener, ensuring daily payouts and maximizing your earnings effortlessly with our multiple safe ad settings, shortener without pop-up ads.

Payout Rates: Country Earnings per 1000 Views  

United States$18.0000
United Kingdom$10.5000
South Africa$7.0000
United Arab Emirates$6.4000
Saudi Arabia$5.5000
Worldwide Deal(All Countries)$3.5000
Russian Federation$0.1000

Benefits: URL shortening with monetization options. Earn money for clicks, good for monetizing links.Bloggers aiming to monetize their shortened links.

9. Shrink earn -Users of ShrinkEarn can generate short links, and in addition to being free, you get paid for them! As a result, you can now manage and secure your links and earn money from home.

Pay our Rates; Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views

United States$15.00
United Kingdom$12.00
New Zealand$9.00
Worldwide Deal(All Countries)$3.50
Russian Federation$0.50

Benefits: Monetized URL shortening service. Best for Bloggers looking to generate revenue through link shortening.

10. Vnshortener .It is an entirely free tool. The greatest option for publishers looking to increase their revenue from shorter shortlink pages is Vnshortener.

Payout rates country-wise for the desktop site:

Greenland: $20.00
United States: $16.00
Australia: $12.00
Canada: $12.00
New Zealand: $10.00
 United Kingdom: $10.00
 India: $9.00
 Denmark: $9.00
Netherlands: $9.00
 Singapore: $8.00
 Germany: $8.00
 Indonesia: $7.00
 Nepal: $6.50
 Brazil: $6.50
 Pakistan: $6.50
 Bangladesh: $6.50
 Philippines: $6.50
 Thailand: $6.00
 United Arab Emirates: $6.00
 Switzerland: $6.00
 Vietnam: $6.00
 Bhutan: $6.00
 Worldwide Deal (All Countries): $5.00

These rates are subject to change based on the advertising income received by the service.

Benefits: Bloggers wanting to monetize their links.


You can use tool according to your Need. For Monetization: ClicksFly, ShrinkEarn, VNshortener.For Branding and Analytics: Bitly, Rebrandly, For Simplicity: 10short, ClksPro.For Comprehensive Link Management: T2M, BL.INK. If you want free go for ideal URL shortener for your blog will vary based on what you require. Bitly and Rebrandly are great options for branding and in-depth analytics. ClicksFly and ShrinkEarn are two of the best options if you want to make money off of your r links. 10short and TinyURL are great for simplicity and ease of use.

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