2023 – Must Install Opencart Extensions

Opencart is the best open source platform in which you can launch your ecommerce store very quickly and with cheap cost development. Opencart is now the most widely used ecommerce with many free available plugins which you can download from opencart marketplace very easily as setup as per your requirement.

Since, opencart is MVC based framework it is easy for developers to quickly do the changes as per the need of the vendor. MVC makes opencart a strong structure and helps to stand in any condition, i.e. when your store is small and when your store is large with more than hundred thousand products it works smoothly.

Opencart is provided with almost every kind of feature which is used by vendors around the words but, still depending on the need there is always a limitation of everything so, to overcome these limitation we helped you and extracted a list of plugins those are must for your store to analyse the data interacted with your visitors and help you to convert these visitor to leads.

Following is the list of extension that you can use to increase/analyse the visitors:

1. Opencart Search powered by Algolia:

Algolia is the fastest search functionality that can really provide you the relevant search result in very less time. Algolia has the ability to provide a good search experience that you have never seen before. By putting these things in mind and considering the vendors’ benefit, PurchaseTheme developed the Algolia extension for opencart which you can download from purchasetheme.com or else from Opencart Marketplace as well.

Algolia comes with below features:

  • Instant & faceted search: Search result page, navigation and pagination updated with each keystroke.
  • Relevance: Enhance customer satisfaction by serving smart results with highlighting and typo-tolerance built-in to search. Blend textual relevance with business metrics to create a truly unique experience.
  • Advanced Analytics: Get valuable insights on what your customers are searching for and the search queries they use from one central dashboard.
  • 99.99% SLA: We make it our business to make sure that your search is up and running at all times.
  • Many More…

2. Facebook Pixel Code Opencart:

Right now everyone is promoting their products on facebook as due to lockdown it is hard for them to do sales offline. Facebook Ads Extension developed by PurchaseTheme provides the capability to monitor those ads which you are running via facebook. It helps you to track all the major events like ‘AddtoCart’, ‘PageView’, ‘InitiateCheckout’ etc which will ultimately help you to filter your ads as per the requirement of visitors.

3. AJAX Quick Checkout PRO (One Page Checkout, Fast Checkout):

Opencart will provide you checkout page but, since it is in multiple slide phases it sometime looking like a long process so, if you want your customer can do easy checkout you use Ajax Quick Checkout which provide a really smooth experience and help them to place the order quickly.

4. Opencart SEO Pack PRO:

Ranking on google really plays a crucial role when you want the return of investment. But, ranking in google is not an easy task as you have to do too much optimization of websites for meta title, meta description, meta keyword etc. In this case SEO Pack will really help you as this is a good extension and helps you check the typical SEO thing very quickly in a very short interval of time.

5. Increase Page Speed Minify Compress Cache Database Optimization:

Now, at the last when everything is ready to go ahead you now need your website to load very fast. The standard loading speed of the website must be between 4 to 5 sec before a user quits your website which you never want as you have already paid a loss to bring traffic to your website and do not want the lead conversion to drop.

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